Network Operation Center (NOC)

A NOC is a location from where network monitoring and management is performed, and ensures  high availability of GDC network and services.

GDC NOC will be located at DITT. It will be capable of providing realtime information of GDC services and network. It will ensure network integrity by closely monitoring its performance and providing alerts to the team, thereby ensuring timely rectification of faults and outages.

Data Backup Site

The GDC infrastructure is currently operational with critical online government applications. The facility has on-premise primary and secondary back-up solution, capable of ensuring  efficient and faster recovery of data in the event of disk failure.

Establishment of an offsite backup site is in the pipeline. This will provide high-level of data protection and data redundancy in the event of force majeure incidences to the primary facility.

As an interim measure,  concerned agency shall maintain  backup of the applications hosted in GDC on regular basis. The Backup Site will be established in the FY 2017-2018.